Duke Ellington - Melancholia
Piano Reflections
New piece: That’s All I Do, Is Dream

May 31, 1967

Today I lost a dear friend. And it seems that I am now captive to a loneliness that is no longer universal nor clear. What to do with time when there is no company to share the hours of the day with? And patience? Nothing. Absence makes for a very tricky nuance when it comes to life. And since we’re already on the topic, life, if its of any merit worth noting than I suppose something can become of it… unless its all but a dream. Dreams that merely surface emotions as they slither in the misty complexion of our subconsciousness. It seems… these days, those are what keeps me afloat in a world of pretense and commotion. Am I happy? I don’t know. Sadness reigns over me, yet I feel content. The dark edges of melancholy surround me like a vignette. I’m still determining if its a trap or the margins of my own imagination. A caesura scribed into the bars of each composition. A painful reminder that those I loved are now gone. Mother. Billy.

Ahmad Jamal Trio - Poinciana
The Legendary 1958 Perishing Lounge & Spotlight Club Performances

Love that Fournier drumbeat. Kinda lazy, kinda funky. You can hear all of Jamal’s influences thriving off each other in this piece—afro-latin, bossa nova, a little rag, the remnants of bebop. Poinciana is such a gem, at least to me, its both fun and sad. Its perfect for any day or mood. Makes me wish I was in a skiff cruising through the South Pacific drinking campari with my lady. This song makes one of the best uses of the three piece rhythm section within the jazz realm.

I Wanna Be Your Lover

Corinne Bailey Rae

The Love - EP

11 Plays

I Wanna Be Your Lover - Corinne Bailey Rae
The Love - EP

Today has been a Prince kind of day. I’m excusing myself of a recurring dream where Prince sings Purple Rain to me outside my apartment with a super gravely voice like Tom Waits… I was creeped out by him for a little bit. But today I’m definitely over it. Also, this cover has to suffice since tumblr goes batshit whenever you upload any media Prince related. LAME.

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